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Small groups, quality teaching, light, large, well equipped studio!

Weekly courses last for the equivalent of a term (no session in ½ term holiday), and can be joined after the start of the course. When booking, students commit to the whole course financially (or the remainder if started late), but only pay 4 weekly in advance, catch up sessions are offered for any missed.
There is a discount of £2.50 per session for any 2ndor 3rdcourse booked.

Refreshments are provided for free in all classes.


STILL LIFE DRAWING – surface texture / pattern / reflection, tone and thrown shadow    

TUESDAYS 10.15 – 1.15
(3 hours with a break)
23 April – 2 July 2019
(no session 28 May, school/college half term)

£15 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance).

This session is suitable for those with a little or some drawing experience, looking to develop their understanding of the topics and develop their observational skills. We will be using a range of single and small groups of objects to practise assessing, in particular, surface textures, light falling across the objects to convey their form (3D solidity), and exploring appropriate mark-making for textures, pattern, reflection, and shadows.  We’ll use dry drawing materials including charcoal, Conte, pastel and later, pen, ink and wash.

FULL FIGURE PORTRAIT(clothed) B/W & colour dry drawing materials / pen, ink and wash / watercolour / acrylic

TUESDAYS 2.15 – 4.45
(2½ hours with a break)
23 April – 2 July 2019
(no session 28 May, school/college half term)

£12.50 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance).

This course is suitable for drawing novices and improvers. We’ll be looking at full body shape, pose and position, and how what the models wear changes the character and atmosphere of the poses. We’ll be examining, using various different approaches, the way clothes or drapery fall and fold over the body, and models will be wearing a range of outfits varying in tonal quality, texture, pattern, colour and type of fabric.
Please notethat there will be a cash fee on the day for the model sessions, in the region of £5, (depending on numbers) payable for every model session scheduled.

ABSTRACT WATER-BASED PAINT – rocks / cliffs / weather/ skies         

WEDNESDAYS 10.15 – 1.15
(3 hour class with break)
24 April – 3 July 2019
(no session 29 May, school/college half term

£15 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance).

This course is suitable for those with some experience with paint and who have an interest in semi-abstract or abstract colourful imagery. We’ll be working with experimental loose, mainly liquid mixed media, using watercolour / acrylic inks. Techniques / media such as Gesso surfaces and textures, permanent masking fluid and texture medium, collage, monoprint, ink and bleach will be included, and we’ll be exploring different surfaces to work on such as mountboard and collaged papers.

WILDLIFE ART, PAINTING BIRDS – opaque media – acrylic and Gouache

WEDNESDAYS 2.15 – 5.15
(3 hour class with break)
24 April – 3 July 2019
(no session 29 May, school/college half term)

£15 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance).

A course for those with some drawing or painting experience – but perhaps those new to the topic, we will be painting birds mostly in sitting positions, learning how to use opaque media in layers, experimenting with Gouache which is a chalky paint similar to thick watercolour, and acrylic which is waterproof when dry, unlike watercolour and Gouache. We’ll work mainly from photographs, but as weather and opportunities allow, there will be access to a live bird or two, and a trip to the Booth museum and hopefully to a falconry location, for sketching practice.

BOTANICAL FORMS  – WATER-BASED PAINT AND MIXED MEDIA late spring and summer flowers / leaves / root veg

THURSDAYS 10.15 – 1.15
(3 hour class with break)
25 April – 4 July 2019
(no session 30 May, school/college half term)

£15 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance).

This course looks at loose fluid painting styles for botanical imagery, with reference to several modern botanical painters. We’ll experiment with colourful watercolour, acrylic and Indian inks, and mixed media techniques, using Gesso surfaces both relief and general texture to paint on, wash off acrylic technique, masking fluid, including the permanent version, texture medium and some ink and bleach. These are methods and media that produce natural, organic marks and contrasts in the paint, but we’ll always make sure the plant forms in their landscape context are created from good observation – real plant material and photographic reference will be provided, as will drawing support.

LANDSCAPE IN WATER-BASED PAINT skies / water / seas / weather / organic texture

THURSDAYS 2.15 – 4.45
(2½ hours with a break)
25 April – 4 July 2019
(no session 30 May, school/college half term)

£12.50 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance).

This course is for novices and those with some experience in painting, but not necessarily in this subject, and will explore landscape views of various sorts, using looser painting styles and fluid mixed media. We’ll use acrylic inks, some watercolour, some tube acrylics and combine drawing and mixed media techniques in colour with dip pen, texture medium, unusual tools for scraping, Gesso and paper / collage surfaces for textures and lifting paint off, glazing, blotting, spattering and other exciting approaches.



If you are interested in any of the courses, want further details or wish to book a place, please use the email form on the Contact Page.


A deposit is required to confirm your place on any of the regular weekly Drawing and Painting courses. The deposit amount (the equivalent of one session’s payment) is shown in the times and dates details for each course as above. There is a discount of £2.50 per session for any 2nd or 3rd course booked.

On request, or on booking, a list of suggested materials will be sent to you.

When you book you are committing financially to the course. If you miss a session you will be offered another mutually convenient one so you won’t miss out.


To book summer or one-off workshops, there will usually be a deposit to secure your place; details within the course description. Full balance payable on the day of the course.

Booking payments can be made by cheque or transfer.

8 thoughts on “Drawing & Painting Courses

  1. Roz usually has at least one drawing class each term. This term the class is focusing on drawing wildlife which will look at a different aspect of drawing each week.

  2. I am a “real” beginner and would love to try my hand at basic drawing and painting, Do you provide such a class ?

  3. Hi Lesley
    I know Roz does do portrait classes on odd Saturdays and in the summer. Keep checking the website. I will add you to our contact list too. Christine

  4. Hi I’ve been looking for a portrait class for sometime. Should you know of any or run one yourselves in the future please bear me in mind.

  5. Hi Beth
    Yes both Roz and I do weekend courses. Roz does one day workshops on Saturdays and if you would like to use the contact e mail form I can get Roz to send more details. Roz is also doing a drawing class on Tuesday evenings.
    The new Once-A-MOnth textile classes which start in September have a Sunday class.
    Hope that helps

  6. Is there any chance you could do evening or weekend courses for those of us who have to earn a crust? They look so good!!

  7. Roz’s art courses are fun, well organised and inspirational; she is a gifted teacher. She gives masses of encouragement and it has never been known for her to be anything but positive. (I have attended most of the above courses so have experienced it over a long period.) You leave her classes with a smile and a ‘feel good’ feeling.

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