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Small groups, quality teaching, lovely environment!


STILL LIFE DRAWING – tonal ranges / surface textures / shadows
TUESDAYS 10.15 – 1.15 (3 hours with a break)
25 April – 4 July (no session 30 May – school/college half term) £15 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance). Refreshments provided free.

This course is for those with some basic drawing experience who would like to improve their skills in drawing a range of Still Life objects, both singly and in small groups, using items such as are found in a kitchen, shed, garden, and within hobby, fruit and veg, music, nature collections, etc.
We’ll concentrate on assessing and recording shape (including using negative space, the spaces through and around objects), tone (light and shade over objects, shadows thrown by them), and texture (the surfaces or materials of the subjects which give them their specific characteristics). Lots of help and encouragement is given, and we’ll use pencil, graphite, charcoal and Conté.

PORTRAITS IN COLOUR – dry and wet media
TUESDAYS 2.15 – 4.45 (2½ hours with a break)
25 April – 4 July (no session 30 May – school/college half term)
£12.50 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance). Refreshments provided free

This course is suitable for both novices to the subject and improvers, who have some basic drawing skills and have done a little painting in watercolour.
During the course we’ll be drawing and painting the head and shoulders in colour, using coloured pencils, pastels, pen and wash and watercolour. We’ll practise capturing skin and hair colours and textures, light and shade across the face, and the proportions and shapes of the features at different angles to achieve a likeness. We’ll use a variety of sources, including photographic, each other, ourselves and the model.
Please note that there will be a cash fee for the model for some sessions after half term, in the region of £4, (depending on numbers) payable at each session.

ABSTRACT WATERCOLOUR – trees / landscape / natural forms
WEDNESDAYS 10.15 – 1.15 (3 hours with a break)
26 April – 5 July (no session 31 May – school/college half term) £15 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance). Refreshments free.

This course explores creative semi-abstract and abstract imagery inspired by natural shapes and textures such as trees, seed heads, flowers, landscape and other natural forms. We’ll use watercolour, acrylic and other water-based paint and mixed media, including inks, granulation medium, metal leaf and during the course will develop many exciting techniques similar to Ann Blockley’s work.
Lots of support is given, with frequent demonstrations, help with colour mixing, applying the paint, using mediums including Gesso, Blended Fibers Medium and Matt medium, in order to push and develop students’ creativity!

PERSONAL PROJECT SESSION – develop your skills….
WEDNESDAYS 2.15 – 5.15
(3 hours with a break)
26 April – 5 July (no session 31 May – school/college half term) £15 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance). Refreshments provided free.

This session is an opportunity for students to work on their personal projects, any subject matter and any media, within a supportive group environment, allowing each person to consolidate and develop their existing skills, becoming more confident in using techniques they are already familiar with. I won’t be introducing new techniques individually, as this doesn’t allow enough time with each student, but there will be occasional group demonstrations.
Discussion and feedback from other students makes this a great session for broadening understanding of other media and subject areas. There will be guidance on choosing and focusing on an appropriate project, developing the ideas, and help with specific media or tool problem solving. There will also be advice on mounting, framing and making imagery into cards.

FLOWERS AND STILL LIFE IN WATERCOLOUR – colour / pattern / texture / mixed media
THURSDAYS 10.15 – 1.15 (3 hours with a break)
27 April – 6 July (no session 1 June – school/college half term) £15 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance). Refreshments provided free.

This course is for those with some experience in watercolour and will take as its inspiration Still Life set ups with flowers / plants / fruit / veg on particular themes, plus interesting and aesthetic objects. These will provide the starting point for exploring bold shapes, colours, patterns, textures and mixed media in the style of Shirley Trevena’s work. We’ll work both from the Still Life and supported by students’ own photos of their view, with lots of help to mix colour, apply paint, and experiment with mixed media within the paintings, such as tissue collage, oil pastel, coloured pencil and others.
Students may be selective in working with those elements within the still life that interest them most, the aim will be to play, enjoy the objects and subject matter, and explore creative ways of putting the paint on, rather than to produce a photographically real copy of the still life.
We will also be investigating various mixed-media ways of working, experimenting with resist techniques (masking fluid / candle / oil pastel, watercolour pencils), and thinking about contrast, negative and positive shapes, and playing with the rules of perspective and composition, to make a pleasing painting. We will have several different still life set-ups during the course, each with a slightly different theme such as kitchen / theatrical / beach and tennis!

PAINTING TECHNIQUES – seascape in acrylic, estuary / harbour / reflections
THURSDAYS 2.15 – 4.45 (2½ hours with a break)
27 April – 6 July (no session 1 June – school/college half term)
£12.50 per session (payable 4 weekly in advance). Refreshments provided free.

This course is for novices and those with some experience in acrylic painting, and will explore a variety of sea views in various different ways, using mostly opaque techniques. It will include some work with skies, necessarily, and we’ll be painting estuary and harbour views, including some views of boats, jetties, and other appropriate structures!
There will be lots of guidance on drawing scenes, colour mixing, paint consistency, mark-making and application, and glazing with Matt Medium. We will also use some Gesso where appropriate, either as a priming layer or to give texture in certain areas.
Weather permitting towards the end of the term, we’ll do some drawing and painting at the Sovereign Harbour.



24 June 10.15am – 4.30pm, with lunch approx. 1-2pm
£55 including materials

 Nuno felting (from the Japanese word for fabric) is a Japanese fabric felting technique. It combines loose fibre, usually wool, with a sheer fabric – this gives the wool extra strength. Silk gauze, Viscose, silk chiffon or Organza, or any other open weave fabric can be used. Other fabrics (such as cotton muslin) can also be used as the felting background, resulting in a wide range of textural effects and translucency. Some contemporary artists combine the wool with unusual materials such as plastic or wire to make sculpture.
Nuno feltmaking is a wonderful, low-tech process using wool fibres (in our case colourful, pre-dyed soft Merino sheep wool), fabric, a little warm water, soap and friction (gentle rubbing). This creates lovely, draping, thin felt suitable for fine garment making, such as beautiful sheer scarves, wall or window hangings.
During this fabulous felting day, we will make a beautiful scarf using soft merino wool fibres and incorporating silk and other fibres for decoration. By manipulating a thin layer of wool through a fine woven material such as silk or chiffon, we will make a scarf with characteristics that are quite different from a traditional felt, which is much thicker.
There are many possibilities for transparency and exciting texture, with drape, flexibility and movement in the material, lending itself well to the delicacy required in a special scarf.
All materials are provided within the workshop cost, but please feel free to bring any wool, fabric or yarn you would like to incorporate or work with, and I can advise whether it will be suitable. Please also bring an apron (preferably waterproof), small scissors, rubber gloves if wanted and some lunch.
Once people have tried feltmaking they are usually hooked! More details if needed on request or on booking.



If you are interested in any of the courses, want further details or wish to book a place, please use the email form on the Contact Page.


A deposit is required to confirm your place on any of the regular weekly Drawing and Painting courses. The deposit amount (the equivalent of one session’s payment) is shown in the times and dates details for each course as above. There is a discount of £2.50 per session for any 2nd or 3rd course booked.

On request, or on booking, a list of suggested materials will be sent to you.

When you book you are committing financially to the course. If you miss a session you will be offered another mutually convenient one so you won’t miss out.


To book summer or one-off workshops, there will usually be a deposit to secure your place; details within the course description. Full balance payable on the day of the course.

Booking payments can be made by cheque or transfer.

6 thoughts on “Drawing & Painting Courses

  1. I am a “real” beginner and would love to try my hand at basic drawing and painting, Do you provide such a class ?

  2. Hi Lesley
    I know Roz does do portrait classes on odd Saturdays and in the summer. Keep checking the website. I will add you to our contact list too. Christine

  3. Hi I’ve been looking for a portrait class for sometime. Should you know of any or run one yourselves in the future please bear me in mind.

  4. Hi Beth
    Yes both Roz and I do weekend courses. Roz does one day workshops on Saturdays and if you would like to use the contact e mail form I can get Roz to send more details. Roz is also doing a drawing class on Tuesday evenings.
    The new Once-A-MOnth textile classes which start in September have a Sunday class.
    Hope that helps

  5. Is there any chance you could do evening or weekend courses for those of us who have to earn a crust? They look so good!!

  6. Roz’s art courses are fun, well organised and inspirational; she is a gifted teacher. She gives masses of encouragement and it has never been known for her to be anything but positive. (I have attended most of the above courses so have experienced it over a long period.) You leave her classes with a smile and a ‘feel good’ feeling.

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