Online Courses

I have just begun to add the art of making and editing videos to my regular teaching skills, in order to put some of my popular courses online for those unable to journey to the UK to take them in person.
The format for one of these is a series of videos which will be available for a length of time, course booklet, a private FaceBook group for discussion, sharing and commentary with me and with other students, scheduled Zoom meetings (the number depends on the length/complexity of the course) for asking questions and talking about the work.

Poetry of Decay is the first of these and has been very popular and booked up within a week. I am limiting the numbers that can do any of the courses at any one time so that I can take some personal interest in the work that is being done. The other courses which will come online over the next few months are: Paper Lamination and Beyond, Poetry of Stitch, and Potato Chip My Way!

Poetry of Decay

Begins 18/05/2020

This course is now full.

How often do you take photographs of peeling paint, lichen, rusting metal, weathered rock surfaces and neglected buildings? But then what? This course will explore how to interpret those beautiful marks on paper.  In this mixed media course you will be introduced to some materials and processes that will help you to create rich and textured surfaces based on the inspiration found in your own photographs. 

Working on paper you will experiment with a variety of media including paints, inks, dyes, oil pastel, puff binder, and rusting powder. Your series of small paper based studies will enable you to layer experiments and materials quickly, creating an understanding of your media. Your papers will be combined towards the end of the course looking at how to put together a series of images into small book forms which will provide a record of your experiments.  


To book a place on any of these courses, please use the Paypal button beside the course and complete the details of the course you require.

There are no deposits for these online courses, the balance in full being required to secure your place. This fee is refundable up to 2 weeks in advance of the course starting on the date that the course outlines. This gives me the opportunity to advertise and fill your space. After the official start date, you will have full access to course materials and online teaching and the course will be deemed to have started in line with any other regular learning opportunity.